6 Easy Ways to Get More Cardio in Your Day

Being active during the ORBERA® weight loss program is imperative for your success. To truly take advantage of the skills ORBERA® provides you with you may have to make some changes to your daily routines, including an increase in cardiovascular exercise, or cardio. Cardio is any movement that increases your heart rate and blood circulation. Regular cardio can help you maintain a healthy heart and increase your metabolism, among many other benefits.1 These small changes will inevitably become a part of your routine long after your stomach balloon has been removed. You can make these simple changes today to help manage your weight and live a more active and healthy lifestyle.

1) Take the Long Way

Challenging yourself to always take the long way can be beneficial to your health through increased daily cardio. Some changes you can make include:
  • Always taking the stairs
  • Parking further away from a store entrance
  • Walking and biking rather than driving2
Taking in your surroundings while you increase your exercise during the ORBERA® weight loss program can make the journey even more enjoyable.

2) Find Excuses to Get Up

When you have a moment to take a short break from the current task at hand, try to add some light activity. Challenge yourself to do jumping jacks, pushups, sit-ups or squats during the commercial breaks when you watch TV. If you’re at work sitting behind a desk, make a point of getting up and stretching once every hour. Taking the dog for a longer walk than usual can also be an effective way to increase your cardio during your ORBERA® weight loss program.3

3) Technology

By using wearable technology devices you can increase your cardio on a daily basis. Fitness bands, watches and fitness clips provide a user-friendly and hands-free method of tracking your activity. You can track your cardio and even participate in challenges to get you moving even more. The connectivity feature of ORBERA® Coach allows you to connect with your favorite weight or activity trackers via smartphone Apps and link all of the data collectively. This allows you to effectively monitor your results. How will you increase your cardio with technology during your ORBERA® weight loss journey?

4) Active Social Life

Instead of meeting with friends or family for dinner or drinks, try going for a walk or a hike! If you are in need of a night out, going dancing is a great way to increase your cardio. Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? Skip the high-calorie meals and expensive bills by having a fitness date. Try playing a game of tennis or one-on-one basketball to work up a sweat and really get to know each other!4

5) Clean

Is your home or car in need of a good cleaning? Kill two birds with one stone by cleaning and increasing your cardio! To get motivated you can:
  • Make a “to-do list”
  • Put on your favorite workout clothes
  • Make a cleaning playlist with your go-to pump-up music
When your house and car are spotless and you can feel the burn chances are you will be left feeling energized and accomplished!

6) Smart Grocery Shopping

Add some extra cardio into your day while you’re shopping for nutritious food during the ORBERA® weight loss program! If you break up your grocery shopping for the week into several smaller trips you can increase your cardio even more! Before you begin your shop, do a few laps around the store and see what’s on sale while you increase your steps. Even try using a basket to shop and carry your groceries to your car rather than using a cart.4 There are many great ways to increase your daily cardio. It can be beneficial not only for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during your ORBERA® weight loss journey but also a great way to socialize, gain new hobbies or simply spend free time making positive changes.
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