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Setting, Tracking and Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

Goal setting is pivotal for your weight loss success. Setting goals can help you to really understand exactly what you should do, how much time is required to do it, and keep you on track. Setting goals will help you to measure your success so you can see how far you have come! Your ORBERA® support team can even help you to establish your goals and a strategy that is both healthy and achievable. With the right plan and goals, you can achieve your dreams and become an entirely new you!

Health & Fitness tracking weight loss

How to Track My Weight Loss Progress?

Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. You may feel many emotions as you lose excess weight during the ORBERA® weight loss program. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and challenged. But these feelings of frustration will all be worth it once you begin to feel your confidence increase. You might be fitting into smaller clothing sizes, or […]

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