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Bring Exotic Minty Sumac Chicken To Your Kitchen!

Spice up your dinner time with this Minty Sumac Chicken recipe! This recipe takes a Middle Eastern spin on a classic dish. Experience pure joy as the tangy lemon flavors mix perfectly with sumac and garlic spices. It’s hard to believe that this jaw-dropping dish only has 511 calories, and can be made in less […]

Food & Nutrition sizzling korean beef recipe

Sizzling Korean Beef Recipe

Goodbye boring dinners, and hello Sizzling Korean Beef! Take your taste buds on a fabulous trip to Eastern Asia! This sensational rice dish features the authentic taste of Shanghai bok choy, ginger, and garlic, among so many other flavors! Not only does it only take under an hour to make, but you can eat it […]

Food & Nutrition simple spanish paella recipe

Simple Spanish Paella Recipe

It’s time to expand your palette! This classic Valencian dish offers so many delicious flavors for you to enjoy! It all starts off with savory, smoky chorizo sausage, perfect for any rice dish! Not to mention, who would have thought to put olives in a rice dish? We sure didn’t. But after we tried it, […]

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