Celebrating Little Victories

When you don’t know when you’re full, you constantly overeat. It’s that simple. But what’s not simple is breaking the habit. That’s what the Orbera Weight Loss Program helps you accomplish over 12 months.

Over those 12 months it is important to celebrate little victories during your weight loss journey. Give yourself the celebratory back-pat, as soon as you complete a key task, objective or goal. It keeps you motivated, makes you feel good and inclined to work harder.  A victory does not always mean pounds lost on the scale.  You can achieve small goals in your daily life that will eventually lead to a healthier you in general.  Check out some of these small victories from past/current Orbera Patients:

  1. Increase water by 1 cup/day: Setting small goals sets you up for success.  If you currently only consume about 3 cups water/day, it is not realistic to set a goal the next day to consume 8 cups/day.  Once you are able to consume that extra cup on a daily basis, you can adjust your goal and increase the amount.
  2. Slow down when eating: Orbera Coaches refer to the 20/20 often – chew each bite of food 20x allowing a meal/snack to take about 20 minutes.  This allows for your brain to signal to your stomach that you getting full.  Start by practicing this method during at least one meal or snack/day and increase as successful.
  3. Schedule in workouts:  When you physically have your workouts written on your calendar, you leave yourself no room for excuses.  Make sure the frequency and duration are realistic and practical for long-term.

Not one of these goals includes a certain amount of pounds lost/week; however, each one is a small step to achieving just that – ultimate weight loss through healthier lifestyle changes.  Next time you complete an hour at the gym or add an extra ½ cup vegetables to your daily intake, treat yourself to a massage or that new clothing item you can now fit into.

Are you ready to kick start your weight loss goals with a great team? The first step is to schedule your consultation!

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