How-To Create an Effective Fitness Plan

Having a fitness plan can help to keep you on track with your goals, and even motivate you to keep going! Regular exercise is crucial for your success with the ORBERA® Weight Loss System. Your team of ORBERA® coaches can teach you exercise basics and help you learn how to create a complete exercise plan. Having a plan can help you stay on track and ultimately reach your goals!

Incorporate a Variety of Exercises

Working out doesn’t have to feel like an inconvenience. You can be creative with your fitness plan and turn working out into something that you genuinely enjoy! It’s important to have a good balance between beneficial exercises that you like and ones that challenge you. Your fitness plan will cover a variety of target areas, including:
  • Cardiovascular
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Abdominals
Learning how to create a fitness plan is only the first step. Your ORBERA® support team will help you to understand what your workout should include and how to properly plan a fitness schedule. The fitness plan will help ensure that you’re spending the right amount of time strengthening different parts of your body and gaining endurance. Your results can motivate you to keep going and work even harder! Your ORBERA® coaches will work with you to create a fitness plan that works best for you, keeping your current fitness level and goals in mind. Anything is possible with the right support!

Organize Your Workouts

A complete fitness plan includes a planned routine for each workout. You’ll know how much time you should spend on each activity to maximize your results. This means that you have an allotted amount of time to complete your workout, so no cutting corners! This is your time to grind and truly work hard to achieve your results. Stay focused when you’re at the gym! Having a workout schedule will help make sure that you get the most of your time spent working out. Spending several hours at the gym and slowly completing your workout can often waste valuable time.

Set and Achieve Goals

You’ve made the choice to begin a weight loss journey, so chances are you have some goals in mind. Maybe a certain weight or fitness level? Or maybe you would like to help improve your current state of health? Setting realistic and achievable goals can help improve you do just that. Your fitness schedule can be planned according to your goals, helping you achieve results in an ideal timeframe. Seek guidance from your support team if you feel lost or don’t know where to begin. You have an opportunity to work with your ORBERA® coaches to set challenges and really push for improvement. Following your fitness plan and having regular communication with your support team will help you to achieve your weight loss goals and ultimately keep the excess weight off long-term.

Motivated for Success

If you feel like slacking, remember why you started. Having a set fitness schedule can help motivate you to exercise. Setting certain days and times set aside for regular exercise can lessen the chance of you making plans or appointments during those times. Having a goal in mind for each day can give you a better idea of what you are doing for your body and why you are doing it. Each time you exercise, you’re one step closer to achieving your goals. You can even include regularly tracking your progress as a part of your fitness schedule. Tracking weight loss progress can help to both motivate you as well as increase your confidence. Now it’s time to start making muscles and stop making excuses. If you would like to learn more about the ORBERA® weight loss program, find a local specialist today!

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