ORBERA™ Gastric Balloon Patient Rejoins Dr. Oz on March 14, 2016

ORBERA™ gastric balloon patient, Kelly first joined Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Snyder on stage back in November to discuss her first few weeks of having the ORBERA™ gastric balloon placed in her stomach. “First few days I was nauseous and very tired because of the medications I was on which helped me relax, but I was back at work the third day,” Kelly mentions during her first visit.

On March 14, 2016, Kelly reunites with Dr. Oz and Dr. Snyder to talk about her continued success with the ORBERA™ gastric balloon. Before she had the gastric weight loss balloon placed, Kelly who is a 5’3” mother of two teenage boys, weighed 188lbs and less than 6 months later she now weighs 160lbs.

The 28 lbs weight loss (58% EWL) is a result of the ORBERA™ Managed Weight Loss System. Kelly mentions that she now focuses on eating smaller snacks throughout the day compared to larger meals.

The ORBERA™ 2-part program is designed to help develop sustainable, long-term healthy habits. The gastric balloon is in place for the first six months of the program, which encourages portion control. Simultaneously, patients also receive customized coaching for the six months the balloon is in, plus another six months after.

Possible ORBERA™ Gastric Balloon Candidates Include:

  • Individuals willing to commit to a year-long lifestyle and behavioral change
  • Those who have a BMI between 30 and 40
  • Those who may not be a qualified candidate for more invasive surgeries

As for side effects, Dr. Michael Snyder recommends taking about three days off as patients can experience nausea, feeling full, cramping, ulcers or esophageal injury after the gastric balloon is placed.

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