Fall into September with ORBERA® Coach

Summer is coming to an end which means that fall is upon us. Seasonal change provides a perfect opportunity to revise and revamp current routines.

Luckily, you can effectively and easily jump over these hurdles with a few suggestions from ORBERA® Coach.

Hitting a Plateau?

If you feel as though your weight loss success has slowed down since the beginning of the ORBERA® weight loss program, it is possible that you have hit a plateau. Yes – plateaus are frustrating. But they are not the end of your weight loss results by any means. Plateaus simply mean that it’s time to change your exercise routine a little and review your eating patterns.

Do you feel as though your current exercise regime is getting a little repetitive? It might be time to change your workouts and challenge yourself. Participating in the same exercise regime for an increased amount of time can plateau your weight loss results. Speak with your team and incorporate some new workouts for a boost.

Take a look at your portion sizes and what foods you are eating regularly. Are they in the recommended guidelines? If you are starting to veer back to previous eating habits, that may be the cause of your plateau. Moving forward, avoid all high-calorie foods and always ensure that you are eating your protein first, followed by vegetables, fruits and then carbohydrates.

You may find it useful to speak with your dietician. Your dietician can help you to determine causes and help you to set new goals.

Eat Healthy as a Family

Achieving and maintaining a long-term healthy lifestyle can be challenging if you are the only person in the household who is involved. You can make a decision as a family to change your ways and live a healthy lifestyle together.

Start by involving the entire family in the planning and decision making. This creates a great opportunity to begin teaching your kids about nutrition, cooking, sanitation and meal preparation. Roles can vary between ages, for example, a younger child may be able to help with adding ingredients or putting things into the shopping cart, while older children can help with reading directions or washing food.

While you’re adapting to new back to school routines and schedules, why not adapt to new healthy changes too. For instance, in the morning you can cook and eat a healthy breakfast as a family. Packing healthy lunches and preparing nutritious meals for the whole family can be done the night before to save time in the morning.

If everyone is on the same page with their nutrition and meals it’s more likely that you won’t make unhealthy impulse choices.

My Trackers

Track your weight loss results with the help of ORBERA® Coach. The My Trackers feature of ORBERA® Coach can help to boost your confidence this month by comparing results throughout your ORBERA® weight loss journey. If you aren’t making progress or meeting your goals, this tool can help you to isolate the issue and help with new techniques moving forward.

If you are just beginning the ORBERA® weight loss program, this is a great time to begin tracking your progress to compare. Start by adding your current information today, and then track it throughout the ORBERA® weight loss program. If you track your results regularly over the next year, chances are you will notice the physical changes and boost your confidence!

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