Healthy and Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Summer has arrived! And between pool days, wedding season and summer get-togethers, opportunities for a drink with friends are everywhere you turn. But is it possible to indulge without setting back your weight loss journey? Absolutely!  Here are three easy tips to drink mindfully this season and three yummy cocktails to try out: 
  • Stick to low carb options
More often than not, summer cocktails are high in carbohydrates. Sweet flavors and fruity mixers, while delicious, are a recipe for weight gain. A good rule of thumb is to stay in the clear. That is, stick to clear liquors like vodka, silver tequila, and light rums, and avoid added flavors like lemon, coconut, mango, etc. etc.  
  • Stay away from beer and wine  
Beer and wine are two of the highest carb options out there. The sugar in wine and the hops in beer mean you really are drinking your calories. Instead, be your own bartender and get creative with mixed drink options. For example, if you’re craving something with bubbles, try a vodka soda with lemon or lime. 
  • Choose diet sodas
Did you know that a Rum and Diet Coke has practically no calories? That’s right, diet and sugarfree mixers are your best friends this summer! Skipping the original Sprite and Coke can make all the difference for your weight loss.  Living a healthy lifestyle should never get in the way of having a good time. In fact, making simple changes to food and drink choices can actually inspire creativity and exploration. This summer, try something new! Sip smart!    

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