How To Eat Holiday Meals Without Regret

The holidays are upon us! And you know what that means…holiday gatherings and parties galore, each with its own spread of delicious treats and special drinks. But how do we enjoy each and every holiday meal without regretting it in the long run? It’s easy to let our healthy eating habits slip for a few months out of the year, in the name of cookies, casseroles, and much more.   

Here are a few tips and tricks for maximum holiday fun without regret!

  • Put the non-starchy vegetables on your plate first to limit space for higher-calorie foods (try to fill half the plate).
  • Choose white turkey meat vs dark. Fill ¼ of your plate.
  • Limit starchy foods to 1 choice (your favorite) or small amounts of each.  Only fill ¼ of your plate with your starchy foods. Choose either the dinner roll or the stuffing, and consider the number of slices of bread you would be eating.
  • Be careful with bite-size appetizers which can add up to the same calories as a meal.  Fill up on raw vegetables or fruit.
  • Skip egg nog and drink apple cider instead. 
  • Wait about 20 minutes until reaching for a dessert to allow your fullness to kick in from dinner.  Choose the 1 dessert that you don’t often get to enjoy year-round and aim for a small serving only.  Or you can take a serving of dessert home and eat it the next day.
  • Remember that you will have other opportunities to eat holiday foods at other parties and gatherings within the next few days – so don’t overdo it on the first day.
If we keep these little rules in the back of our minds, holiday fun stays within our control. That means maximum enjoyment and no regret! Because who says you should wait until New Year’s to start practicing new, healthy habits. 

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