How To Increase Your Energy While Fueling Your Weight Loss Journey

Do you often feel drained or fatigued before your day has really started? Has coffee become a band-aid solution for a larger problem? Like countless others, your tiredness could be linked to gaps in your overall nutrition. And unlike coffee, energy drinks, and other forms of caffeine available to us everyday, filling these gaps with healthy foods can be a natural, more sustainable solution. While a cup or two of coffee won’t make or break a healthy diet, indulging in coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos can drastically increase your sugar intake for the day. These drinks (albeit yummy) are practically dessert, and they’ll give you the same quick burst of energy, followed by a crash. When it comes to integrating natural sources of energy into your diet, look for foods high in B vitamins. B12, in particular, is an ideal source of energy because it is something your body already produces on its own. B vitamins also release energy more slowly than sugar so that you don’t have to worry about a mid-day crash. Other nutritious sources of energy are complex carbohydrates, in comparison to simple carbohydrates, such as artificial sweeteners. Instead, carbs like those found in oatmeal, quinoa, and multigrain options support long-term energy. Another trick to getting the most out of your carbs is mixing them with healthy sources of protein and fiber. Protein and fiber slow down how your body processes food so that your hunger is satisfied for longer. So, instead of eating a high calorie snack like a donut or muffin and feeling starving an hour later, try something like a handful of nuts. While nuts are also high in calories, they also contain healthy fats and high fiber levels. The key to feeling better during any weight loss journey isn’t always as complicated as it may seem. Boosting your energy can be as simple as learning how your body functions and working with it, not against it. To learn more about Orbera, find your local Orbera specialist today.

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