How to Stay Mindful During a Summer Barbeque

No summer is complete without the quintessential cookout. But this year, a summer bbq can be even more than a hot grill, cold drinks, and good friends…it can be an opportunity to practice mindful eating. Mindful eating is the act of actively being mentally present during meals, using each bite as an opportunity to check in with yourself and ask ‘Am I full? Am I making healthy choices?’. 

So, at your next get-together take a moment to breathe and reflect. Consider how you can make this bbq a part of your weight loss journey, not a hiccup along the way. What are the healthiest options available to you? For example, ask yourself if it’s possible to eat lean options like white meat chicken instead of fattier options like burgers or steak. Consider ways to cut carbs, such as skipping sandwich buns and beers. And most importantly, take a moment to decide if you’d like to use this as an opportunity to treat yourself.

It’s perfectly fine to indulge on special occasions. In fact, it’s only human. But by practicing mindfulness instead of just eating whatever you want, you’re actively deciding to give yourself grace and make up for it later down the road. So, if the banana pudding looks absolutely delicious and you’d like to give yourself a little treat, plan to make smart choices in other ways. Skip sodas and stick to water. Take a short walk after your meal. Don’t eat dessert for the rest of the week. Get creative! The options are infinite! And most importantly, they’re all within your grasp. 

Mindfulness means you’re taking control of your weight loss. You’re challenging yourself to be resourceful and strategic. And most importantly, you’re enjoying a healthier lifestyle. 

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