Join the Ultimate 30-Day Squat Challenge for Stronger Legs

Looking for an exercise that will put your body into a supercharged, fat-burning mode? All while sculpting and toning your legs and booty? Sounds like it’s time to try some squats!

Squats are perfect for helping build muscle throughout your body because they create what’s called an anabolic environment. They help your body burn fat, improve mobility and balance, help with injury prevention, improve your athletic ability, and most importantly, help you build some serious butt muscle.

Humans have been sitting since the dawn of time. Your body is built for it. Squats don’t require any equipment, which is really nice because you can do them just about anywhere!

In saying that, squats require a proper technique and chances are you’ll feel the burn pretty quickly. No worries though, we’ll walk you through the steps and before you know it, you’ll be a pro!

If you’re planning on having the ORBERA® weight loss procedure or are on your weight loss journey already, chances are you’ll really enjoy this challenge! Every butt can use a little sculpting now and then.

So, let’s get going! The challenge only requires a couple minutes of your day, and before you know it your legs and glutes will be stronger than ever!

Don’t forget to share your progress on Instagram and Twitter by using #ORBERAchallenge.

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