Our Favorite Winter Fruits and Veggies

It’s the beginning of a New Year, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less easy to slide into bad habits. Especially because our appetites are never stronger than during the chilly winter months. For many, this can easily lead to making unhealthy decisions or even binge eating. For others, it means getting stuck in a rut of the same safe, healthy (not necessarily exciting) options when really we’d rather be trying something new.    This winter, take the season as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with some new flavors and maybe even discover fresh favorites. Take a look at these unique takes on seasonal fruits and veggies you might not be able to enjoy any other time of year.    


Craving mashed potatoes, but dreading the carbs? Try these yummy Mashed Turnips instead. Same flavor. Less carb-o-load. And for a dish perfect for any holiday potluck, try these crowd-pleasing Roasted Turnips that will surprise your friends and family with a new holiday favorite.    

Brussel Sprouts    

Butternut Squash    


Pear   Each season is the perfect chance to try something new and take advantage of delicious fruits and veggies which are in season. This year, let these changing seasons inspire your healthy diet. 

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