Food & Nutrition

Household Objects You Can Use to Measure Portion Size

Have you ever been curious about what a single portion size actually looks like? The thought crossed my mind every time I glanced at the nutrition facts on the back of my favorite foods. But visualizing grams and kilograms isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Lucky for us, measuring portion sizes isn’t as hard […]

Food & Nutrition

How Many Calories Could Be In Your Halloween Bowl?

How many calories does the average kid eat on the night of Halloween? The answer is a bone-chilling 3500-7000…yikes! And while this number is less for adults, the temptation to sneak treats from the candy bowl in between trick-or-treaters is still there, and this is where our calorie counts can sneakily sky-rocket. One Reese’s Peanut […]

Health & Fitness

Diet vs. Lifestyle Change

When we talk about weight-loss, we often think about dieting. Because dieting is the key to losing weight, right? Wrong. In reality, dieting isn’t all it takes to lose the weight and keep it off, feeling great all the while.  When you hear the word dieting, what comes to mind? Restriction. Limitation. Dissatisfaction? But, what […]

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