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How Important is Water to Weight Loss, Really?

All summer long, we hear talk of how important it is to drink water all day long. But as the weather cools down, it’s easy to forget to meet a healthy daily water intake. So, this fall try to think of drinking plenty of water as more than just hydration…think of it as a weight-loss […]

Food & Nutrition

3 Healthy Lunchbox Snacks to Try this Fall

With summer coming to a close and the kiddos heading back to school, now’s the time to start thinking about yummy lunchbox snacks packed with brain and body fuel. And who says these tasty treats can’t slip into your lunchbox, too?            Oatmeal Chocolate Snack Cakes    Who doesn’t love a […]

Food & Nutrition

The Beginner’s Guide to Meal Prepping

By now, we’ve all heard an earful about meal prepping; one of the most popular trends in living a healthy lifestyle today. But for many of us (myself included), the idea of prepping a week’s worth of meals in one night is a daunting task. So, what can we do to make meal prepping a […]

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