Rochelle’s ORBERA® Weight Loss Journey

In the first month alone, Rochelle lost 14 lbs and dropped a pant size. Rochelle lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband and two sons. She knew that she wanted to make a change in her life, and a non-surgical procedure was the way to go. That’s when Rochelle discovered ORBERA®. The ORBERA® weight loss program completely changed Rochelle’s life. After only five months of the weight loss program, she lost 36 lbs. Rochelle can still enjoy the foods she loves, but she does so in moderation. She understands that a non-surgical weight loss procedure isn’t a miracle, but more so a tool that is helping her to lose weight. Rochelle knows that she still needs to work hard towards her goals.

How ORBERA® Changed Rochelle’s Life

Rochelle feels that the knowledge and new behaviors that she gained from the weight loss program were crucial to her success. She continues to communicate and work closely with her dietitian so that she can truly adapt to a long-term healthy diet. Rochelle is determined to change her eating habits for good, by making the right decisions and learning healthy portion control. What caught Rochelle’s attention at first was that ORBERA® is non-surgical. She feels as though ORBERA® has worked absolute wonders for her, which is why she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

The Benefits of ORBERA®

The ORBERA® gastric balloon took up space in Rochelle’s stomach to help her adapt to healthy portion control. It can be easy to feel hungry while changing your diet and portion sizes. It’s often quite difficult to fight those urges to eat a bounty of unhealthy food, which can cause a roadblock in your weight loss journey. The ORBERA® stomach balloon helped Rochelle to feel full while she was changing her eating habits, ultimately eliminating most of the hunger urges that she may have felt without it. So far, Rochelle has noticed a 50-60 per cent decrease in her appetite. Smaller amounts of food are helping to keep her feel satisfied while she loses weight. ORBERA® has provided her with an edge in her weight loss journey that is keeping her on track for her journey to success. After she has the weight loss balloon removed, Rochelle plans on continuing with her aftercare program and making a long-term change. That’s what makes ORBERA® so unique. Long after the weight loss balloon has been removed, and the aftercare program has ended, patients have gained the skills and knowledge to lose excess weight and keep it off long-term. If you found inspiration through Rochelle’s story, Marie might inspire you as well. Marie lost 25 lbs with ORBERA® and is still working hard to achieve her goals.

Find an ORBERA® Specialist

ORBERA® is a non-surgical weight loss solution with proven results. To learn more about the ORBERA® weight loss solution, visit the website or find a nearby specialist. A highly-trained ORBERA® expert can guide you through the weight loss program and resolve any questions or concerns you may have. It’s time to take the first steps in your weight loss journey. You can transform your life and truly make a long-lasting change.

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