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success story marie

Every Story is Different

No two weight loss journeys are the same. Everybody has their own obstacles to jump and goals to reach. Luckily, the ORBERA® stomach balloon provides patients with the right tools that can be personalized for each journey. A combination of the ORBERA® gastric balloon, support from a team of ORBERA® specialists and a thorough aftercare program can adapt to each and every patient’s journey to help them achieve and maintain their goals.

For Marie Brown, ORBERA® was highly successful.

About Marie

Marie Brown is an interior designer from Moultrie, Georgia. After struggling with her weight for years, she decided to make a change. Marie decided to choose ORBERA® and she is incredibly happy with her decision. She looks great, feels great and is able to spend lots of quality time with her family without reflecting upon what she looks like. As Marie lost the weight, she gained back her confidence.

Marie’s Weight Loss Balloon

In her first week, Marie lost eight pounds. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she continued to lose 2-3 pounds a week afterwards. In total, Marie lost 24lbs with ORBERA® and was able to keep it off. In the beginning of the ORBERA® weight loss program is when most patients find that they lose weight quickly. Afterwards, the weight loss begins to slow down and regulates. This is when hard work and dedication to the ORBERA® weight loss program is key.

Marie found that losing weight during her ORBERA® weight loss program was easy, simply because she wasn’t hungry. Hunger can often be a factor for those who struggle with weight management. It was a big deal to Marie that she wasn’t hungry and made losing the weight that much easier. Not only was the weight loss easy, but Marie was almost unaware of the changes she was making. She wasn’t experiencing the negative side effects that one might have during a fad diet or while taking weight loss pills. Her ORBERA® balloon was inserted through a safe and non-surgical procedure and her aftercare was filled with healthy food, quality support and routine exercise. Everything about ORBERA® felt right.

Marie would recommend the ORBERA® weight loss program to anyone who is having trouble losing weight and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. ORBERA® not only helps you to lose the initial weight and achieve your goals, but it also provides you with the tools to continue a healthy lifestyle long after your stomach balloon is removed.

Your Journey

If Marie’s ORBERA® weight loss journey inspired you to begin your own, you aren’t alone. Learning about the success of others is a great way to gain inspiration. ORBERA® is a 12-month weight loss program that combines a gastric balloon and a lifestyle changing aftercare program. It’s beneficial for your weight loss results and long-term maintenance of a healthy lifestyle that you feel supported and successful, which is exactly what ORBERA® provides.

To learn more about ORBERA® you can feel free to contact an ORBERA® Specialist or take a look and see if you can find a specialist near you. Every weight loss journey begins with a first step, what will yours be?

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