The Beginner’s Guide to Meal Prepping

By now, we’ve all heard an earful about meal prepping; one of the most popular trends in living a healthy lifestyle today. But for many of us (myself included), the idea of prepping a week’s worth of meals in one night is a daunting task. So, what can we do to make meal prepping a more achievable aspect of our weekly routine? Here’s the secret to success: throw out the playbook!  Just like everyone’s lives are totally unique, meal prepping should be something that enhances your life rather than something that adds stress to your day. Here are a few tips and tricks to master meal prepping and make it your own:   

Set your own time frame

When we think about meal prep, we think about preparing servings of the same meal for the entire week. But in reality, who knows what you’ll end up craving over seven days? There’s nothing worse than choking down something you’ve eaten for three days in a row when really you’re hankering for something totally different. There’s also no surer way to get burnt out on what were once your favorite recipes.  So, instead of prepping for an entire week at a time, try making meals for only two or three days at a time. Then, build in time to prep something new midway through the week, depending on what you feel like.   

Break up the prep time 

If you’re anything like me, dedicating hours on end to buying, prepping, and cooking your meals in one day isn’t just overwhelming, it’s practically impossible. So, rather than blocking off your entire Sunday for meal prep madness, try dividing up the steps.  Day 1: Purchase your ingredients, chop your veggies, marinate your meats, etc. Get the more time-consuming parts of meal prepping out of the way. Then, take a break until tomorrow. Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Day 2: Now that your ingredients are ready to go, cook away! By prepping the day before, you cut cooking and cleaning time in half, and what could have become tedious feels quick and easy.   

Embrace the buddy system

Who says meal prepping has to be done solo? Instead of spending hours at the store and in the kitchen alone, call up a friend or friends. Making meal prep a social activity is the best way to commit to a long term, healthy lifestyle and to enjoy it, as well.    The moral of the story? Next time someone tries to tell you how to meal prep, remember there is no hard and fast strategy for success. Thinking outside of the box and making meal prep personal is the key.    What are some of your tried and true meal prep practices? Let us know @orberausa

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