Three Ways to Increase Your Veggie Intake This Spring

When it comes to eating more vegetables, it’s hard not to imagine committing to a diet of raw celery. Luckily, incorporating more vegetables in order to achieve a more balanced diet is easier and more enjoyable than ever. So, if celery isn’t quite your speed, keep reading. 

Veggies are a fundamental part of any balanced diet. On top of supplying the body with a plethora of necessary nutrients and natural energy, they can also help kick-start any weight loss journey. So, where do you begin?

Replace your favorite carbohydrates with veggie alternatives

When it comes time to cut down on carbs, there’s no need to throw out your favorite recipes. Instead of starting from scratch, try replacing carbohydrates with a vegetable component. In doing so, it’s possible to improve your diet with no extra hassle. Here are a few examples of easy ways to replace carbohydrates like pasta and bread with veggies instead.  

Replace pasta in dishes like spaghetti and lasagna with zucchini or squash. Many grocery stores even carry pre-cut veggies in pasta shapes!

Next time you’re thinking of cooking a side of rice, use cauliflower rice instead. Season this veggie how you would rice, and the finely chopped pieces of cauliflower look and taste like the real deal. 

And on burger night or taco Tuesday? Swap out the bun or tortilla for iceberg or butter lettuce. This way, it’s easy to enjoy your favorite flavors while still eating healthy.  

Incorporate vegetables into breakfast time 

Breakfast is a carbohydrate-heavy meal where it’s easy to skimp on veggies and indulge in pancakes and bacon instead. But, there are smart ways to sneak vegetables into the most important meal of the day. 

Next time you go to blend your favorite fruit smoothie, toss a few veggies into the mix. Spinach, Kale, Carrots, Beets, etc. are healthy additions that won’t effect the flavor. 

Not a smoothy drinker? You can easily throw a few chopped mushrooms, red peppers or some broccoli into your morning omelet.    

Add veggies to recipes you already love! 

Next time you think about making your go-to weekly stir fry, ask yourself, are there any gaps in the recipe? Where could you add in a few new veggies? Reimagining familiar recipes is the most fun way to increase your veggie intake, not to mention improve any meal and look like a culinary master.  Adding more vegetables to your diet doesn’t have to be a pain. Instead, make the process an opportunity to experiment with new flavors and take your meals to the next level. These are only a few of the countless easy ways to eat more vegetables every day and improve your overall nutrition.

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